Greek media mocks Turkish military’s “New Year” video-clip

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The Greek City Times likened the content to Rambo and Top Gun movies

A video-clip produced and published by Turkish Defence Ministry marking the beginning of the country’s centenary year has been mocked by the Greek Media.

The Greek City Times reported the video-clip on Wednesday with the headline “Turkey's ridiculous military Eurovision-style rap song”, likening the content to Rambo and Top Gun movies.

“In this achievement of ridiculousness and unrestrained nationalism, we see the Turkish army "defeating every enemy". The blockbuster does not lack the crowns of Ottomanism, which are combined with fake explosions and feats of things that only Rambo and Top Gun pilots could do,” it said.

Republic of Turkey is celebrating its centenary year of its foundation in 1923. Turkish Defense Ministry on Monday, published a video-clip displaying “heroic” scenarios of Turkish army defeating the “enemy”. The soldiers in the video-clip were singing a Turkish anthem arranged as a rap song.

The ministry released the video by saying that “Hero Mehmetcik [a term used to refer to Turkish soldiers] will be on duty for the peace and security of the nation, putting the ‘Homeland’ first in the 100th anniversary of the Republic, as it has throughout history.”

“The only thing missing was apparently a video-clip” amid Turkey’s “threats of war” against Greece, the Greek City Times said.

“The whole aesthetic approach, as well as the tone, reminds us how short the distance is from the serious to the ridiculous,” it said.