Green Left Party calls for democratic reforms and criticizes government

Green Left Party calls for democratic reforms and criticizes government
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Co-Speaker İbrahim Akin emphasizes the need for freedom and judiciary independence in parliamentary address.

During a recent parliamentary group meeting, İbrahim Akin, Co-Speaker of the Greens and Left Future Party (Green Left Party) complained about discussing introducing a new constitution in Turkey. Akin insisted that meaningful constitutional reform cannot be achieved without first addressing significant foundational issues. These include ensuring freedom of expression, association, and an independent and impartial judiciary, along with adherence to the rulings of the ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) and the existing constitution.

Unlawful detentions criticized

Akin condemned the unlawful detention of several individuals during night raids, labeling the act an "intervention against democratic politics." This action followed the distortion of the party's statement on the Kurdish issue and its impact on the people of Turkey.

The Co-Speaker called for the immediate release of those detained and emphasized the necessity of addressing the country's social issues, including the Kurdish problem, through peaceful and democratic means.

Call for peace and democracy

In his speech, Akin expressed the urgency of giving "an honorable and just peace" a chance and promoting democratic politics. He criticized the current atmosphere of violence and the politics promoting enmity and societal polarization.

The Co-Speaker stressed that the country cannot continue its current path and urged for a shift towards peace.

Parliamentary functionality at risk

The Green Left Party also criticized the AKP (Justice and Development) and MHP (Nationalist Movement Party) regime for undermining the functionality of the parliament, equating their actions to turning the legislative body into a notary.

Akin reinforced the essential role of the parliament in addressing and resolving social issues, underscoring the representation of 600 deputies tasked with solving the Turkish people's problems.

Constitutional debate under scrutiny

Akin responded to AKP leader Tayyip Erdogan's commitment to an inclusive constitutional debate and applying the Copenhagen criteria as the Ankara criteria, questioning its feasibility without implementing basic democratic principles.

He emphasized that, without establishing a democratic environment in the country, the constitution prepared behind closed doors by the AKP and MHP would not be acceptable.

Earthquake response challenged

Akin also challenged President Erdogan's portrayal of the government's response to the recent earthquake. Contrary to Erdogan's positive depiction, Akin highlighted ongoing housing and water problems faced by the affected citizens, citing his observations during a visit to the region.