Green Left Party to unveil new political agenda

Green Left Party to unveil new political agenda
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Co-spokespersons to address critical issues, including PKK leader's isolation and Kurdish question as the legislative year begins.

The new legislative in Turkey year begins on October 1. A highlight of the opening is the expected statement of the Green Left Party, a crucial event that promises to shed light on its stance on critical issues and its action plan for the coming term.

Co-spokespersons Cigdem Kilicgun Ucar and İbrahim Akin are expected to deliver the statement. Their speech, which is expected to be attended by all party members, is expected to provide insights into the party's refined strategy and line of struggle for the coming term.

A primary focus of the statement will be the isolation of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan, who has been in solitary confinement in the high-security Imrali F-type closed prison for 31 months. The party's speech is expected to highlight this controversial issue and stimulate discussions about the conditions and consequences of Ocalan's prolonged isolation.

Furthermore, the solution to the Kurdish question will be another focus of the discussion. The Green Left Party is expected to articulate its position on this enduring issue, emphasizing the urgent need for democratic reforms and political dialogue to promote a solution.

The speech promises to encapsulate the party's broader vision for the democratization of Turkey. By intertwining the issues of Ocalan's isolation and the Kurdish question, the co-spokespersons are expected to present a comprehensive view of the party's aspirations for a more democratic, inclusive, and just Turkey.