Green Left Party's votes credited to rival parties

Green Left Party's votes credited to rival parties
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The Green Left Party's votes were written to rival parties in many provinces in Turkey, triggering protests from the party and its supporters

Green Left Party's votes were allegedly attributed to other parties, most notably the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and the New Welfare Party (YRP) prompting widespread objections from the Green Left Party and its supporters.

The Green Left Party announced that irregularities resulting in the "theft of their votes" occurred in many election districts, and the Ballot Count Table, Ballot Box Result Report, and the Political Party Portal (SİPPORT) of the Supreme Election Board (YSK) were used in detecting these irregularities.

It was revealed that a portion of the votes received by the Green Left Party in many cities, especially Diyarbakir, were credited to the MHP and the YRP.

With a hashtag #YeşilSolPartininOylarıNerede (Where Are The Votes Of The Green Left Party) many social media users have started reporting discrepancies, providing reports.

A concrete example of this occurred in the valid votes cast at Ballot Box No. 1234 in Esma Ocak Primary School in Bismil district of Diyarbakır. In this ballot box, 233 votes that were cast for the Green Left Party were credited to the MHP. It was discovered that the minutes were incorrectly recorded in the system upon the announcement of the YSK results. The Green Left Party has filed a complaint regarding this matter.

Similar situations occurred not only in Diyarbakır but also in other cities. In the Urfa elections, it was initially announced that the Green Left Party had won 4 seats. However, following the objections, some ballot boxes were recounted, and the number of Green Left Party deputies increased to 5.

Another city is Batman. According to the initial results from the ballot boxes in Batman, it was announced that the Green Left Party won 4 seats while the AKP won 1. However, with the inclusion of overseas votes in the system, one member of parliament from the Green Left Party switched to the AKP, resulting in Huda Par member Serkan Raman entering the Parliament. Nevertheless, allegations of irregularities also exist in Batman. The Green Left Party is investigating the results in Batman, and a complaint has been filed regarding this matter as well.

One of the areas where violations occurred is in the earthquake-stricken region. Reports of violations are emerging from cities such as Gaziantep and Adıyaman. The Green Left Party has filed complaints regarding the identified violations in ballot boxes of Adiyaman province. It is stated that if action is taken regarding these ballot boxes, the outcome could change.

Not only in Kurdish provinces but also in western provinces and metropolitan cities such as Istanbul and Ankara, irregularities in the ballot boxes are being scrutinized. The Green Left Party is examining the three electoral districts of Istanbul and all ballot minutes of Ankara. It is noted that the level of vote manipulation and allocation to other parties is significantly high. In case violations or inconsistencies are identified in the examined minutes, objections will be raised.