Halic shooting the latest incident in a series of intra gang violence

Halic shooting the latest incident in a series of intra gang violence
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It has come to light that a recent deadly clash between gangs in Istanbul is the last one in a series of violent incidents that left three dead in the last weeks.

One of the suspects in a deadly attack in Istanbul was acting in violation of a house arrest order, and the attack is the latest incident in a series of recent clashes between rival gangs, Turkish media Haberturk reported on Monday.

A man identified as Cumali Aslan, released from prison a couple of weeks earlier, was killed in Istanbul's Halic neighborhood on Sunday in a car that was targeted by gunmen in two other cars.

One of the suspected assailants Dogukan K. was injured and taken to hospital after he received a bullet fired by the ones in the targeted car. He and another suspect who managed to flee were under house arrest but they apparently violated the court's order.

The incident is also not an isolated one, but the latest in a series of clashes between the gangs of Gundogmus, Daltons and Anucur, Haberturk said.

Two persons were killed before in clashes. A Mehmet Emin Kalkan, who is allegedly a member of the Gundogmus gang, was fatally shot on 19 December in Istanbul during the third armed confrontation in a single day.

On 25 December, a passerby named Ramazan Arslan was killed in another clash between the gang members.

25 suspects were detained after these clashes, with an AK-47 assault rifle, 10 handguns, and one kilogram of heroin seized in police raids. All the detainees were released after a brief detention.

In the latest incident another assault rifle and several handguns were seized in the assailants' car.