Harsh reaction from the West to Istanbul Mayor’s conviction

Harsh reaction from the West to Istanbul Mayor’s conviction
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EU officials, German Foreign Ministry, Eurocities and many other people and organizations condemned the jail sentence and political ban given to Ekrem Imamoglu

The verdict on Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu which gave him over two years of jail sentence and a political ban sparked strong reaction in the Western, with political leaders who said they stood by the mayor and rule of law.

The German Foreign Ministry said the decision was a "heavy blow for democracy".

"It seemed impossible, but it happened,” said Nacho Sanchez Amor, Turkey Rapporteur of the European Parliament, European Union's (EU) legislative body, and posted on Twitter a photo of himself with Imamoglu.

The European Socialists Party described the sentence given to Imamoglu as "a major erosion of the rule of law and independent judiciary in Turkey".

Athens Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis also posted his photo with Imamoglu and said: “A truly dark day for Democracy in Turkey”

Eurocities, an organization which aims to strengthen cooperation between European cities, made a statement and said: "We stand in solidarity with Imamoğlu, who has been unjustly sentenced”