"HDP blew the final whistle on a cheesy show"

"HDP blew the final whistle on a cheesy show"
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"We were faced with an illusion show, in which a tawdry illusionist tried to persuade the crowd that HDP did not exist," Temel has said, adding that HDP's decision to nominate candidate pulled the curtain on it.

The co-deputy-chair of the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) said that HDP's decisions regarding coming elections will be a determining factor in the election results, and more generally in the political situation surrounding Turkey.

Commenting on the positive and negative responses to recent statements by HDP officials that the party will nominate its own presidential candidate if the bloc of six opposition parties continue to close their door to any dialogue with HDP, Tayip Temel said:

"We were faced for some time with an illusion show, in which a tawdry illusionist tried to persuade the crowd that HDP did not exist. This was obviously a campaign concocted in accordance with the state's frame of mind. The mainstream media also joined in the show with all its ranks. HDP and millions of its supporters blew the final whistle on this cheesy show."

He continued:

"I'd like to note that the recent decision of the party has been met with great approval and enthusiasm by the people. The decision to nominate a presidential candidate has not come as a surprise for our supporters. Not only millions of HDP supporters, but everyone is focused on HDP in this process, because they know that HDP commands a crucial position in shaping up both the election arithmetic and in reshaping the political composition in the country. What HDP will do, or what it will not do will have a critical impact on the election results and in politics. HDP is in a determinant position. Both the People's Alliance and the Nation Alliance are aware of this fact."

The People's Alliance is the ruling alliance of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) and far right Nationalist Movement Party (MHP). The Nation Alliance is the alliance of the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) and nationalist opposition Good Party. The latter has been in talks for a broader alliance with four small opposition parties for over a year.

Most polls suggest that neither alliance is likely to receive a majority of the popular vote in the coming presidential election without HDP's support.