HDP Co-Chair says party will run own candidate

HDP Co-Chair says party will run own candidate
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Pervin Buldan, the Co-Chair of the HDP made clear that HDP will nominate a candidate in the first round of the presidential elections, but she left the door open for the opposition bloc for a joint candidate in the second round if agreed on principles

Turkey’s pro-Kurdish HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) will nominate its own candidate to run against President Tayp Erdogan in the upcoming elections and the party will soon declare who the candidate will be, Pervin Buldan, HDP Co-Chairperson said on Saturday.

Speaking in a party congress in the eastern province of Kars, Buldan said HDP was an independent party and partnered neither with the ruling nor the opposition bloc.

“I would like to state that we are making preparations to announce our own candidate as soon as possible, together with all the democratic forces of Turkey, together with the Labor and Freedom Alliance. HDP is a great power, and it aims to come out with a large percentage of votes in the elections,” sha said.

With Buldan’s statement, HDP made clear that the party will not support the joint opposition candidate at least in the first round of presidential elections. But Buldan kept the door open:

“We have an approach based on principles. When the time comes, we can sit down and talk, we can negotiate, we can have a dialogue,” she said.

Buldan also said that HDP became the nightmare of the ruling bloc made up of Justice and Development Party (AKP) and Nationalist Movement Party (MHP.)

“They make all their plans over how they can prevent the HDP from undertaking its politics. But HDP is coming, with a loud noise,” she said.

Buldan also said the Constitutional Court took the decision to freeze HDP’s bank accounts under influence from the government, transforming itself into a government tool.

“They can block the treasury funding but they can never block the will power of the people,” she concluded.