HDP rejects AKP's appointment request for parliamentary talks on headscarf

HDP rejects AKP's appointment request for parliamentary talks on headscarf
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HDP’s Saruhan Oluc said the party rejected the AKP's request for an appointment regarding the constitutional amendment proposal over women’s right to wear headscarf in public.

Saruhan Oluc, the group deputy chairman of the Peoples’ Democratic Party said at a press briefing that the AKP (Justice and Development Party) requested an appointment from them to discuss the constitutional amendment proposal over headscarf issue in the country but the party rejected this request.

Oluc said the request came from the AKP parliamentary group for a meeting on Wednesday, but after making an assessment in the relative committees, the HDP gave a negative answer to the AKP.

Oluc counted the reasons for the rejection as the continuation of the closure case against the party “which is a revenge case against the HDP,” the unlawful blocking of HDP’s funds, and the oppression against the party members by the ruling bloc.”

When the HDP administration previously accepted a delegation from the AKP to discuss a constitutional amendment to protect women's right to wear a headscarf, the meeting resulted in a political turmoil in which nationalistic opposition accused both parties of acting together and several moderate figures from the ruling party even interpreted the incident as a renewal of the resolution process fıor the Kurdish question.

"The government's policies towards us have wiped out the ground for such a meeting," Oluc said.

“We do not find it sincere, credible and reassuring to discuss constitutional amendments at a time when even the current constitution is violated and the law is put aside.”