HDP spokeswoman retorts Good Party leader’s accusations

HDP spokeswoman retorts Good Party leader’s accusations
Update: 10 November 2022 00:59
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Ebru Gunay said the essential character of both the ruling and opposition alliances was their competition in hostility against the HDP

A rift between a nationalistic and a pro-Kurdish party both from the opposition widened on Wednesday as senior figures from both parties exchanged heavy accusations ahead of a crucial presidential election due in June next year. 

HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) Spokeswoman Ebru Gunay on Wednesday lambasted Good Party leader Meral Aksener over her remarks that “HDP acted in unison with the ruling AKP (Justice and Development Party) against the Turkish republic”

Gunay said the Good Party was walking in the pathway opened by the ultranationalist MHP (Nationalist Movement Party,) only belonging to the opposition alliance. 

“Do you know what the essential character of the two alliances are? They are competing in hostility against the HDP. The ruling party accuses the opposition of getting close to the HDP and the opposition accuses the government of acting with the HDP. What they don't understand is where the HDP stands. HDP does not approve of you. HDP does not believe that you will be the solution,” Gunay said. 

She continued:

“We ask Aksener: The AKP delegation visited your party 5 minutes after visiting us. Instead of blaming the HDP, tell me what you talked about with them.”

Gunay also urged Aksener to give account for 17 thousand unsolved murders during her tenure in the 1990s as interior minister.

“Those who grow up in the dark, those who feed on the dark, will bring nothing but darkness," Gunay concluded.