HDP does not expect any ministry from the Nation Alliance

HDP does not expect any ministry from the Nation Alliance
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HDP Co-Chair Mithat Sancar said his party did not expect a seat in the cabinet if the opposition wins the elections. Group Deputy Chairman Saruhan Oluc said the party would emphasize democratic solution of Kurdish question during Kilicdaroglu’s visit

Peoples’ Democratic Party will emphasize its policy of peaceful and democratic resolution of Kurdish question during a much awaited visit by the joint opposition candidate Kemal Kilicdaroglu, the HDP Group Deputy Chair Saruhan Oluc said on Friday.

Earlier, HDP co-chair Mithat Sancar had stated that the party did not expect to receive any of the ministries.

Oluc pointed out that the HDP, along with other members of the leftist Alliance for Labor and Freedom, had announced an 11-point declaration and that many of the points were in agreement with the Nation Alliance, the six opposition parties that support Kilicdaroglu.

The HDP, with its 10-12 voter support is widely seen as a kingmaker in presidential and parliamentary elections expected on May 14 and the opposition bloc will likely need their support to end Erdogan's two-decade political rule.

“There is an overlap between the HDP’s program and that of the Nation Alliance' in terms of the goals of a strengthened/improved parliament, an independent judiciary, and the rule of law. The Nation Alliance also opposes the appointment of trustees in municipalities. However, the "Kurdish question" is not mentioned in the Nation Alliance text,” Oluc said.

The HDP had stated that it would field its own candidate along with another alliance of leftist and pro-Kurdish parties, but it is now reconsidering that decision.

“What steps can be taken and what can be discussed in the parliament in Ankara for the solution of the Kurdish problem? What kinds of arrangements can be made both legally and constitutionally? Of course we want to talk about this,” he added.