HDP's Sancar: Government aims to deprive Kurds of their status

HDP's Sancar: Government aims to deprive Kurds of their status
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Pro-Kurdish HDP’s Co-Chair Mithat Sancar said Turkey’s military operations in Northern Syria target to destroy the gains of the Kurds in the region

“Turkish airstrikes in Northern Syria have two main objectives: The strategic one is to deprive the Kurds of their status and to destroy their gains in the region. The mentality behind these operations is anti-Kurdish,” Mithat Sincar, HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) Co-Chair said during an address to his fellow deputies in the national assembly.

Sancar said these policies serve the government to design the political process ahead of next year’s elections.

“These policies are the most important part of their plan to regulate the electoral process in their favor. They can divide the society, sow the seeds of separation more easily in the opposition, and they can easily get opposition parties to line up behind them with the ferocity of nationalism once again.”

Sancar also commented on a proposal package by the opposition bloc on constitutional changes:

“This is a proposal to abolish the presidential system and bring the parliamentary system back. There are many positive items in it, but when you look at the total, you can see that this proposal is incomplete and weak for a real democracy, a strong democracy. Is there a will to transform and change the system that constantly produces crisis and conflict? Unfortunately, we do not see that will,” he said.

Sancar also said the bombing attack that targeted Istiklal Avenue showed many signs thaçt the perpetrators belonged to the Islamic militants in Syria but the government tampered the evidence.