Head of Turkish media regulator asks TV channels to broadcast anti-LGBT video

Head of Turkish media regulator asks TV channels to broadcast anti-LGBT video
Update: 18 September 2022 17:42
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RTUK's head has reportedly urged Turkish TVs to broadcast a political group's video targeting LGBT individuals and groups as a public service announcement.

An opposition member of the Turkish media regulator Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTUK) disclosed that the head of the Council, Ebubekir Sahin, asked TV channels and radios to broadcast a video calling for people's participation in an anti-LGBT meeting.

Ilhan Tasci said on Twitter on Friday:

"The head of RTUK asked TVs and radios to broadcast, free of charge, a video prepared by Yesevi Alperen Hearths that calls on people to join an anti-LGBT meeting. Broadcasting that video without the approval of the Supreme Council is illegal use of authority. The content of the video degrades a group of people, and incites resentment and animosity!"

A voice in the video, posted on Twitter by the chair of the Yesevi Alperen Hearths, says:

"If you want to step forward against LGBT propaganda and impositions that have spread across the world and our country like a virus, if you want to say stop to global and imperialist lobbies who intend to diminish the human population and destroy the family, then join our great Family Reunion, in protection of our families, our children and future generations."

Words appear on the video at the end of the voice over: "We march to protect our children from LGBT impositions."

A picture of a family of four under the protection of an umbrella follows.

"Yesevi Alperen Hearths" is a faction linked to some circles of the ultranationalist Great Unity Party (BBP) that split from the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) in 1993. Unlike the "Grey Wolves", the "Alperens" are very little known outside Turkey as BBP has always remained in the shadow of MHP. It received about 0.5% of the popular vote in the 2015 parliamentary election. It is part of the ruling "People's Alliance."