"Historic moment approaching for Turkey to be freed from ruling bloc"

"Historic moment approaching for Turkey to be freed from ruling bloc"
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HDP Co-Chair Mithat Sancar said that Turkey is nearing the historic moment when it will be freed from the AKP-MHP rule, which has “imposed poverty and hardship on the people.”

HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) Co-Chair Mithat Sancar has declared that Turkey is close to the historic moment of “getting rid of the government which has imposed poverty and hardship on the people.”

Speaking at the party's parliamentary group meeting, Sancar said that the parliamentary elections on May 14 would be crucial for the HDP and that the way to change the country was through the Green Left Party.

Sancar referred to the alliance between the AKP (Justice and Development Party) and MHP (Nationalist Movement party) as "the darkest and most dangerous alliance in our history," and said that the countdown had begun for the end of their rule. He accused the government of being more concerned with their own interests and holding onto power rather than the welfare of the people, leaving them in a state of chaos and destruction from earthquakes and natural disasters.

Sancar emphasized the importance of parliamentary elections and said that they will announce an election manifesto on March 30, under Green Left Party, which the HDP joined due to the closure case against the HDP.

"We have learned how to deal with their tricks and games, and this will be a great trouble for them. We will give them the biggest lesson at the ballot box," Sancar said. He urged the public to take part in the May 14 elections and support the Green Left Party, which he said would be the way to change the country.

"In May, the Green Left Party's spring will meet with the spring of the ballot boxes. We will paint all ballot boxes green and take an important step towards a brighter future for our country," Sancar concluded.