"Hog" becomes trending after Islamist party joins alliance

"Hog" becomes trending after Islamist party joins alliance
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"I remember all those people who were hogtied and murdered, and all those who were chopped to death with cleavers in Diyarbakir," writer Nurcan Baysal has said.

After the announcement of the election alliance between the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), the far right Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and Islamist Huda Par (Free Cause Party), the hashtags "hizbullah," "hudapar," "Gaffar Okan" and "domuz" ("pig" or hog" in English) have become trending in Twitter in Turkey with many people making references to the hogtied and tortured victims during the 1990s of the Hezbollah group, where Huda Par has its roots.

Human rights defender and writer Nurcan Baysal wrote:

"I remember all those people who were hogtied and murdered. I remember all those who were chopped to death with cleavers in Diyarbakir throughout the 1990s. I remember my sister's friend, a teacher who was killed only because she 'dressed freely.' I remember the days of my girlhood when I wasn't able to walk in Diyarbakir's Sehitlik without constantly looking behind."

Journalist and TV host Emin Capa said, referring to houses in which buried victims of Hezbollah were dug out:

"Friendship with Hezbollah terrorist group is friendship with hogtie, torture and houses of graves. All those people who were hogtied and murdered... Has the state forgotten its own police chief Gaffar Okkan and police officers Mehmet Kamali, Mehmet Sepetci, Selahattin Baysoy, Sabri Kub and Atilla Durmus?""

Journalist Orhan Gokdemir:

"Huda Par means 'Hizbullah' and the Party of God. Is something like God's party even possible? They are engaged in all kinds of weird things. They killed many journalists, friends of ours, in 90s. They were called 'Hezbocontras.' They hogtied their victims and tortured them. Now they've found their place."

Jurnalist Amed Dicle said, referring to the alleged part of MHP officials in the recent assassination of former Grey Wolves leader Sinan Ates:

"It is no surprise that those who murdered hogtied people ally with others who have their own members killed by drug dealers. It doesn't matter that one is 'Kurdish' and the other is 'Turkish!'"

Lawyer, human rights defender and writer Orhan Kemal Cengiz:

"Those who cry out for the banning of HDP walk shoulder to shoulder with the political offshoots of those who lived in houses of graves, who tortured hogtied victims to death."

Muharrem Ince, the leader of the Homeland Party, said:

"You are now even making an alliance with Hezbollah's political wing Hudapar in order not to leave your posts."

Journalist Timur Soykan:

"While HUDAPAR, the political party of Hezbollah supporters, joins the People's Alliance, let us remember how they murdered Diyarbakir's police chief Gaffar Okkan, and the houses of graves. It can be said that Hezbocontra is the most brutal group in the history of Turkey."

Journalist Ozlem Gurses:

"HUDA PAR, the political wing of Hezbollah, who is the murderer of Diyarbakir's police chief Gaffar Okkan, joined the People's Alliance."

Journalist Sedef Kabas:

"Hezbollah is a terrorist organization!"

Former AKP deputy Feyzi Isbasaran:

"HUDA PAR is now your partner; the political wing of Hezbollah who murdered Diyarbakir's honest and honorable police chief Gaffar Okkan!"

Photo: Used by journalist Gokcer Tahincioglu in T24; a picture of a Hezbollah victim dug out of a grave house