Imprisoned Kurdish leader calls for courage against war

Imprisoned Kurdish leader calls for courage against war
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Former HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtas on Sunday denounced the airstrikes against Northern Syria and called for peace despite challenges

Turkish government is using the bombing in Istanbul as an excuse to strike Kurds in the region and benefit from the nationalist sentiments ahead of next year’s presidential elections, Demirtas said on Twitter.

“A dirty organization detonates a bomb in Istiklal Street and slaughters innocent people, and they silence those who question the truth by labeling them as supporters of terrorism. Those who do not support the war are labelled as traitors,” Demirtas said.

“Put your hand on your conscience and tell the truth, isn't that the truth? Is it so difficult to solve this simple and sad equation?” Demirtas asked, as he called for courage to stand against aggression.

He continued: “Is it difficult to say, ‘We will not sacrifice Turks to Kurds, we will not sacrifice Kurds to Turks, we will not surrender to dirty war policies, we will join hands and become a great society of peace, brotherhood, tranquility and welfare, LONG LIVE PEACE?”

He concluded: “Despite all this injustice and cruelty, we reclaim it; don’t you be afraid either, say: NO TO WAR!”