Indictment comes out only years after deadly incident involving relatives of AKP deputy

Indictment comes out only years after deadly incident involving relatives of AKP deputy
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Following biased media reports, Turkish prosecutors turned a blind eye on the murder of an injured man and his father by the relatives of an AKP deputy for nearly four years.

19 people suspected of being involved in the slaying of two people in Turkey were finally indicted, four years and four months after the deadly incident had taken place at a hospital in Turkey's Kurdish-majority city of Suruc on 14 June 2018.

The incident had followed an armed conflict between the members of a Senyasar family, who were targeted reportedly because of political reasons by the relatives and bodyguards of a deputy for the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

While Adil Senyasar and Mehmet Sah Yildiz, the brother of AKP deputy Ibrahim Halil Yildiz, were killed in the conflict, a large group of the deputy's relatives and bodyguards later stormed the hospital where injured Celal Senyasar was treated. The group brutally murdered him and his father Esved Senyasar, who was visiting his son.

While the Turkish state news agency AA published a series of biased reports following the successive incidents, all claiming that "a group of AKP supporters were targeted in an attack," and as the government media went along with similarly biased reports, the Turkish judiciary turned a blind eye on the hospital murders for almost four years till some suspects were arrested in April 2022.

Information about the indictment was delivered first to AA, while the family of the victims and the lawyers for the family were left in the dark and were informed of the indictment only through a report by AA, Mezopotamya News Agency said on Saturday.

The prosecution stated in the indictment that the security camera footage regarding the hospital murders were "stolen," as it called for life imprisonment of 14 suspects.