"Initiative to postpone the elections not AKP’s official view"

"Initiative to postpone the elections not AKP’s official view"
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Omer Celik, the spokesperson of the ruling AKP, said the AKP co-founder Bulent Arinc's initiative to postpone the elections was his own opinion and not his party's official policy

Justice and Development Party (AKP) spokesman Omer Celik condemned the opposition's protests against the debate on postponing the elections, saying that the views expressed did not reflect his party's official policy.

AKP co-founder Bulent Arinc suggested on Monday that elections be postponed because of the earthquake.

According to Celik, that was Arinc’s own idea:

"Mr. Arinc made a personal statement and shared some views on when the election date should be. The opposition considers this a request on our behalf. His statement is not the official opinion of our party. It has nothing to do with the AKP. It is wrong to institutionally associate it with AKP and consider it as AKP's opinion," Celik said.

Earlier, opposition parties had said that the postponement of the elections would be a blow to democracy and underscored the rule of law, saying that the constitution did not allow for the postponement of elections.