Inmate denied treatment in hospital after speaking Kurdish

Inmate denied treatment in hospital after speaking Kurdish
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Gendarmerie took an inmate back to jail, denying him treatment in hospital after he greeted a friend he met in Kurdish language

An imprisoned Kurdish politician in Turkey’s southeast city of Diyarbakır was denied treatment and sent back to jail because he spoke Kurdish in the hospital.

İhsan Ugur, former mayor of Hizan, a district of Bitlis province in Turkey, has been suffering from health problems for some time. After many demands, he was finally taken to hospital accompanied by gendarmes on November 22. But after he greeted an old acquaintance he met in the hospital corridor in Kurdish language, he was immediately taken back.

Deputies from pro-Kurdish HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) took the issue to a human rights commission in the national assembly.

Access to the right to health, which is protected by the constitution and international conventions, has been violated and the relevant law enforcement officers have abused their duties, deputes said in their petition to the commission.

HDP also requested from the commission to urgently send a committee to Diyarbakır Prison to investigate whether other inmates have experienced similar treatment.

Ugur's family applied to the Diyarbakır Branch of the Human Rights Association (IHD). The IHD is expected to meet with Ugur in the near future.