Inquiry on claims about a Russian radar in Akkuyu rejected in Turkish parliament

Inquiry on claims about a Russian radar in Akkuyu rejected in Turkish parliament
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The parliamentary inquiry was proposed on grounds of a legal complaint recently made by a former member of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant's executive board.

A parliamentary inquiry concerning allegations about a Russian radar station being built in the vicinity of the Russian nuclear power plant in Turkey's southern province of Mersin was rejected in the Turkish Grand Assembly with the votes of the ruling bloc of two parties.

The proposal for inquiry was submitted on Tuesday by Alpay Antmen, Mersin deputy for the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP). Antmen cited the only Turkish member of the executive board of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, Cuneyt Zapsu, saying in a recent legal complaint that "a radar station is being built as part of the construction of the nuclear power plant in Akkuyu."

Zapsu, co-founder of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and a former senior official of AKP, had resigned from his post in the nuclear power plant's executive committee in early August.

While Antmen's proposal was rejected with the votes of the deputies for AKP and its partner far right Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) on Wednesday, Ali Mahir Basarir, Mersin deputy for CHP, reacted saying:

"There are seven members in the executive board. Six of them are Russian, and one is Turkish, your friend Cuneyt Zapsu. He was one of the co-founders of your party (...) Cuneyt Zapsu made a note of dissent in a board meeting. He said: 'I believe the radar station issue may not be in harmony with the security policies of the Turkish Republic. We may be faced with serious problems; problems concerning national security.' It is your friend, Cuneyt Zapsu who made that remark. And it wasn't us who appointed him to that post, it was you."