ISIS emir sentenced to 30 years in prison in Turkey

ISIS emir sentenced to 30 years in prison in Turkey
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Kasim Guler, code named Abu Usame al Turki, was brought to Turkey after he was arrested in June 2021 during a Turkish intelligence operation in Syria.

A senior ISIS (Islamic State) operative captured by Turkish intelligence in Syria in 2021 was sentenced Monday to 30 years in prison for leading an armed terrorist organization.

Kasim Guler, codenamed Abu Usame al Turki was brought to Turkey after he was nabbed in an operation led by Turkey's National Intelligence Organization (MIT) in Syria in June 2021.

The court ruling said Guler was the emir of Turkey from ISIS and was sentenced to 21 years in prison for "leading an armed terrorist organization" and nine years in prison for "possession of weapons"

Guler was on the "red category" of the wanted list before his arrest and had been brought to Turkey for questioning.

Authorities alleged that he prepared the illegal entry into Turkey with weapons and explosives.

Guler is the first ISIS operative to be caught from the red category, and many organizational documents and secret information were seized after his arrest.

He moved to the Afghanistan-Pakistan region between 2008 and 2010, operated in conflict areas, and joined ISIS in 2014.

Guler, who is believed to have held senior positions within the organization, was also the terror group's so-called financial officer in Russia, Europe and Turkey.