Islamist cult leader in Turkey wishes ill for opposition in youtube prayer

Islamist cult leader in Turkey wishes ill for opposition in youtube prayer
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Ahmet Mahmut Unlu, also known in Turkey as Cubbeli Ahmet Hoca, directed a curse at the opposition on the occasion of Bara'at night

A popular cult leader in Turkey has wished bad luck on the opposition and put a curse on it, asking God for its defeat in a prayer video he posted on YouTube.

Ahmet Mahmut Unlu, a cleric from the Ismailaga cult, nicknamed Cubbeli Ahmet Hoca, slammed the opposition Nation Alliance, for announcing its candidate on Bara'at night and said they should have organized their meeting the next day "so as not to waste this holy night"

The Nation Alliance, made up of six opposition parties, announced CHP (Republican People’s Party) leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu as their joint opposition candidate on Monday night.

“Let us make a good prayer,” he said and went on with a standart prayer, but then delved into inner politics:

“O Lord, grant that those who are the best to you will be chosen, those who are best for our religion, for our mosques, for our madrasas, for our chastity, for our honor”

“O Lord, do not give an opportunity to those who are with the HDP and say that they will give a ministry to the HDP”

Cubbeli later asked if the prayer was good enough to say “amen” and the congregation said “amen.”

“We did not give anybody’s name but God knows what to do, he said.”

The pro-Kurdish HDP (People's Democratic Party) is seen as a kingmaker in the upcoming elections with its 10-12% of the vote, but the opposition is unsure whether to embrace the party for fear of losing nationalist votes.