Istanbul to take action against unregistered Syrians starting Sunday

Istanbul to take action against unregistered Syrians starting Sunday
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Turkey's Migration Board announced sanctions on Syrians in Istanbul who don't leave by September 24, referencing an earlier statement setting this deadline.

Sanctions will be applied to Syrians in Istanbul who are registered in other cities but did not leave within the stipulated time, starting Sunday, Turkey’s interior ministry said on Wednesday.

In a statement published by the presidency of immigrant affairs of the ministry, a previous notice by the Istanbul Governorship dated July 28th was higihlighted which said that Syrians currently in Istanbul, though registered in other cities, must return to their registered cities by September 24.

Syrians in Istanbul under temporary protection, who apply to the Istanbul Migration Board by September 24, will be granted travel permits.

"This period will not be extended. As of September 24, during our checks, Syrian foreigners in Istanbul without legal right of stay, who haven't left after the granted period, will be taken to Temporary Shelter Centers. They will then face the administrative obligations and sanctions" the statement said, without mentioning whether the “sanctions” included deportation.

The statement also clarified that Syrians from cities affected by the earthquakes on February 6, who were already granted travel permits, will be allowed to stay in Istanbul until another announcement.