Kilicdaroglu hands over CHP Chairmanship to Ozel after 13-year tenure

Kilicdaroglu hands over CHP Chairmanship to Ozel after 13-year tenure
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Ozgur Ozel takes the helm as the new Chairman of Turkey's main opposition.

After holding the position for 13 years, Kemal Kilicdaroglu officially handed over his post as the chairman of the CHP (Republican People's Party) to Ozgur Ozel today. The transition followed Ozel's election as the party's chairman at the 38th Ordinary Congress, where he secured 812 votes.

Ozel received his mandate in his office at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. Ali Mahir Basarir, Group Deputy Chairman, presented Ozel with his mazbat, a traditional Turkish symbolic document representing the mandate.

In his acceptance speech, Ozel praised journalists' contributions and promised to strengthen institutions. He also expressed his disappointment upon learning that the Constitutional Court had rejected the annulment of the Censorship Law.

"As a deputy group deputy chairman and group chairman at a time when the parliament is becoming increasingly insignificant and discredited, we will try to do our part as the main opposition to strengthen the parliament," Ozel said.

Ozel also paid homage to the former CHP presidents by vowing to keep their photographs in his office, including that of his predecessor, Kilicdaroglu.

Before the handover ceremony, Kilicdaroglu thanked the party staff for their efforts, encouraging them to continue their work for the CHP. He was sent off from the CHP Headquarters during the ceremony with the slogan "People's Hope Kilicdaroglu."

The upcoming local elections will be Ozel's first test as the party's 8th chairman. He is scheduled to hold his first meeting with the Party Assembly on November 11 and will form the Central Executive Board by consulting the opinions of the assembly members.

The handover ceremony marks a new era for the CHP, with Ozel at the helm.