Kilicdaroglu to Erdogan: "You've drowned in sin and filth"

Kilicdaroglu to Erdogan: "You've drowned in sin and filth"
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Opposition's presidential candidate in Turkey has called his rival "slanderer" and "liar" over the fake video he used to launch a smear campaign.

The opposition's presidential candidate Kemal Kilicdaroglu rebuked his rival two days ahead of the election runoff in Turkey, saying, "You've drowned in sin and filth."

A fake opposition campaign video with inserted images of a senior Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) figure was played on giant screen at a campaign rally of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who later admitted that the video was a doctored one while adding that it still would not make a difference anyway.

Erdogan claimed during and after the rally that the video was actually made in cooperation by Kilicdaroglu and PKK leadership, till he admitted weeks later that it was a "clever manipulation."

After repeatedly condemning the video scam after Erdogan's admittal, Kilicdaroglu further ramped up the tone as he tweeted on Friday:

"Your slander and lies never end. You are a slanderer. You have drowned in sin and filth. Enough."

He added:

"You owe an apology to our nation, Erdogan. Make a decent move and give up blatantly committing such crimes."