Kilicdaroglu urges Turkish youth to “fight for freedom"

Kilicdaroglu urges Turkish youth to “fight for freedom"
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“A message of change has emerged from the ballot box” opposition candidate Kemal Kilicdaroglu said, but warned that his followers needs to “fight much harder against the oppressive government”

In a resolute address to the nation's youth, The opposition’s joint presidential candidate Kemal Kilicdaroglu on Tuesday took to Twitter for a resolute address the Turkish youth before the second round of the elections in which he gave a significant advantage to his adversary, the incumbent President Tayyip Erdogan.

"The greatest truth is that a message of change has emerged from the ballot box. Those who want change are now more than those who don't want it in this country. However, one thing is clear: we, on the other hand, are the side that needs to fight much harder to free ourselves from such an oppressive government," Kilicdaroglu said.

With unwavering determination, Kilicdaroglu vowed to address the concerns of the younger generation while urging them to heed his words.

"I have also received the message of my young friends. Consider it done. I will address their concerns, but I also want them to hear me. They have paved the way for those who want to treat women as lifeless objects.”

Moreover, he voiced deep concern about the heavy burden placed on the shoulders of the youth:

"They have also dealt the biggest blow to the youth. You don't have enough money for anything. You have to think twice even before considering a cup of coffee. Your zest for life has been stolen. Yet, youth is meant to be carefree. They haven't allowed you to experience that even for a single day. While we are debating, they have united against you.”

He concluded:

"Now let's take a look, what do we have at the end of the day? An abyssal darkness... Are you aware? Your youth will never come back. We have 12 days left, and we have emerged from this dark tunnel, inch by inch..."