Kurdish football player dismissed from Fenerbahce for saying "Her biji" on Twitter

Kurdish football player dismissed from Fenerbahce for saying "Her biji" on Twitter
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Turkish media said Fenerbahce FC annulled the 18-year-old midfielder’s contract after he commented “her biji” (long live) to a post which shared the flag of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

A Kurdish football player recently transferred from Germany to Turkey’s Fenerbahce FC had to leave the club because of his post on Twitter supporting the KRI (Kurdistan Region of Iraq) flag, according to reports in Turkish media.

Fenerbahce quietly parted ways with 18-year-old midfielder Ozan Suncak, pro-government a haber said, immediately after transferring him from the German team Reutlingen, when the club management discovered Suncak’s social media posts.

The club saw the young player as an investment for the future but had to let him go “because he supported the PKK,” according to a haber.

In a screenshot taken from Twitter, an account under the name of Ozan Suncak is seen as saying “Her Biji” (long live in Kurdish) as comment to another post including a KRI flag.

But Suncak denied making the comment.

“I have nothing to do with the report shared on social media. Legal action will be taken in the necessary places regarding the slanders against me," he said.

Suncak’s management agency also denied allegations and vowed to take legal action.

"It is an extremely despicable attitude to tarnish a very bright and brilliant talent with fake news. Ozan Sucak has nothing to do with politics, either remotely or closely. The post in question does not belong to Ozan Suncak. We will seek the rights of our player before the law against those who share and reproduce,” the agency said.

According to Rudaw, Fenerbahce FC started negotiations with the player's lawyer to terminate the 3-year amateur contract signed with Kurdish football player.