Kurdish Freedom and Democracy Alliance announces support for Kilicdaroglu

Kurdish Freedom and Democracy Alliance announces support for Kilicdaroglu
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The Kurdish Freedom and Democracy Alliance, representing various Kurdish parties, criticized the ruling coalition for escalating Kurdish animosity and emphasized the need for a permanent solution to the Kurdish issue

Kurdish Freedom and Democracy Alliance, comprising various Kurdish parties, has announced its support for Kemal Kilicdaroglu in the second round of the presidential elections, criticizing the ruling coalition for fueling Kurdish animosity.

In a written statement, the Kurdish Alliance highlighted that a historical threshold, intertwined with great opportunities and risks, was being crossed.

"At this threshold, the policy of denial, assimilation, and violence against our people is continuing to escalate. Due to Kurdish phobia, the policies aimed at preserving the current status quo are being updated. The ruling party no longer has a permanent solution proposal for the Kurdish issue and Turkey's fundamental problems."

The statement reminded of the government's trustee policy and its attitude towards Kurds, Kurdish parties, and civil society organizations. It emphasized their opposition to the regime that equates the rights of the Kurdish people with security and existential threats. The statement contained the following warning:

"The candidate of the People's Alliance and its constituents made historical Kurdish animosity the center of their election campaigns throughout the first round of elections, attempting to divide society and politics along these lines. Unfortunately, the fear-based polarizing election campaign concerning the Kurdish issue, which is Turkey's fundamental problem, continues in the second round as well. As the language, rhetoric, and strategy of this campaign continue to push the political institution and society into tension over the Kurdish issue, the danger grows."

The statement emphasized that without resolving the Kurdish issue, a democratic regime and a normalized social life would not be possible. It stated:

"The precondition for democratization in Ankara is the liberation of Amed (Diyarbakir). This will be achieved through democratic and peaceful politics. Therefore, we will continue to maintain the understanding of democratic struggle against all pressures, discrediting attempts, and dismissals, and defend the interests of our people. As the Kurdish Freedom and Democracy Alliance, we believe in the power of democratic politics and insist on our desire for a free and democratic living in fair conditions."

The statement said the presidential elections are a historical test that can put an end to the repressive and exclusionary one-man regime. The Kurdish parties called people to take a stance in favor of democracy and change in this historical test. They urged everyone, especially all Kurdish youth and fighters, to go to the ballot box and cast their votes, to stand in solidarity with citizens who want to vote, to take responsibility at schools and polling stations, and to safeguard the will and votes of the people.

The statement concluded:

“Therefore, let us go to the ballot boxes to achieve a peaceful and democratic solution to the Kurdish issue, to prevent the appointment of trustees to Kurdish municipalities, to put an end to impoverishment, to stand against war and policies of violence, and to provide equal and free lives for women and a secure future for young people. Protecting the ballot box is protecting our future.”