Labor And Freedom Alliance calls on masses to raise hope

Labor And Freedom Alliance calls on masses to raise hope
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The Labor and Freedom Alliance of Turkey invited everyone to gather in a meeting in Istanbul on Sunday “to unite their voices against the oppression by the ruling bloc"

Turkey’s Labor and Freedom Alliance (EOI), founded by six leftist political parties including the second big opposition party HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party,) prepares to show muscle on January 15 in a big meeting in Istanbul as it starts election campaigns ahead of critical presidential and parliamentary elections.

The alliance, which was formed by the HDP, Workers' Party of Turkey (TIP), Labour Party (EMEP), Labourist Movement Party (EHP), Social Freedom Party (TOP) and Federation of Socialist Councils (SMF) declared its foundation last year for "equality, freedom, fraternity, peace and democracy for the Turkish society." It is also known as the “third alliance” after the ruling bloc’s People’s Alliance and opposition’s Nation Alliance.

The EOI said in a press briefing that work was underway to make sure that large masses on Sunday would join the meeting under the slogan “"Let's stop war, poverty and oppression. Let's change it together."

Representatives of the parties also made brief statements about the event and elections in general.

“With this rally, we will announce that we took to the streets the subjectivization of people and we have realized the main call of the third way. We will once again announce in the strongest possible way that "We will change together,” Perihan Koca, a member of the TOP Spokespersons Board said.

EMEP Chairperson Ercument Akdeniz emphasized the people’s economic struggle and the cost-of-living crisis.

“The way to win is to resist, to unite. If we come together it will be possible to make the ruling bloc take a step back,” he said.

HDP Istanbul Provincial Chairperson Ferhat Encu said the poverty was triggered by the war policies of the ruling bloc:

“Let's raise the voice of freedom, justice and democracy together against these policies of oppression, war and poverty,” he said.

The party leaders of the EOI earlier this month said they could support a joint opposition candidate to run against President Tayyip Erdogan if the opposition left aside the differences and unified voices against the oppression and violence by the government.