Lawyer says detained top doctor suffers smear campaign by state TV

Lawyer says detained top doctor suffers smear campaign by state TV
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Lawyer Meric Eyupoglu said pro-government media is running anti-propaganda against Turkish Doctors’ Association head Sebnem Korur Fincanci who was taken into custody on Wednesday

Turkey’s state TV TRT has broadcast anti-propaganda and lies about the detained head of Turkish Doctors’ Association Sebnem Korur Fincanci, her lawyer said on Wednesday. 

“The uproar started by TRT News over a video filmed during police search in her house has no legal basis,” lawyer Meric Eyupoglu said, talking about Fincanci’s detention, which came after the top doctor’s remarks over allegations that Turkey waged chemical warfare against PKK militants. 

TRT claimed police found an outlawed book and some bullets, in a news story prepared by journalists embedded to the police team which was running a search inside Fincanci’s house. 

Lawyer Eyupoglu said Fincanci 14 years ago handed over a gun she inherited from her father and the box of bullets obviously belonged to that gun which was forgotten somewhere in the house. 

The book -which was blurred by the TRT- was a book titled “Looking Beyond the Mountains” by Kurdish author Bejan Matur, which was selling freely on the Turkish version of Amazon, as of Wednesday, Eyupoglu said.

She said the lawyers called the prosecutors multiple times that should an investigation begin, Fincanci would abide by an invitation by the prosecutor’s office, “but they opted for a police raid at 6.30 in the morning”

Fincanci who has been detained in Istanbul, will be taken to capital Ankara, where the chief public prosecutor’s office has launched a probe against her last week after she gave an examination of a video posted on social media showing PKK militants allegedly suffered a chemical attack by Turkish Armed Forces. 

"Obviously, one of the toxic chemical gases was used that directly affects the nervous system," Fincanci told Media Haber during a live broadcast, and urged independent missions to investigate the incident within the scope of international treaties.

Following the interview, Fincanci has been targeted by pro-government media. 

“They carry out a smear campaign to ensure that Fincanci was detained for a long time and even jailed,” lawyer Eyupoglu said.