LGBTQ+ association takes legal action against Yeni Akit for hate speech and defamation

LGBTQ+ association takes legal action against Yeni Akit for hate speech and defamation
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Kaos GL seeks 55,000 TL in damages for derogatory remarks and character assassination propagated by the controversial publication.

Kaos GL Association, a prominent LGBTQ+ rights organization, has started a legal battle against Yeni Akit newspaper, seeking 55,000 TL in compensation for derogatory and harmful content. The newspaper is accused of perpetuating hate speech, insults, and humiliation, severely infringing upon the rights and reputation of the association.

Documents filed in the Ankara 33rd Civil Court feature evidence of Yeni Akit's articles that aggressively target Kaos GL, reflecting an unrelenting campaign of vilification. The petition underscores that the association's rights have been blatantly violated through the systematic production of insulting narratives and hate speech.

Lawyer Kerem Dikmen, representing Kaos GL, highlighted instances where Yeni Akit labeled the association and its members with derogatory terms such as 'perverts,' citing its purported connections with foreign entities as a basis for the slur. The referenced articles were laced with accusations, alleging that the association benefited from the "dirty money" of German foundations and Soros.

"These hostile statements are not just words on paper but acts of aggression that directly target our client. They demean them publicly, tarnishing their honor and reputation and alienating potential members and supporters," stated Dikmen.

Dikmen emphasized the dehumanizing aspect of Yeni Akit's campaign, detailing how it fostered an environment of prejudice and bigotry. Such vilification has reportedly stymied the association's activities, as the rampant derogatory narratives sow seeds of discord and marginalization.