Locked in a room for a year

Locked in a room for a year
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Nine-year-old found half-fainted in a garbage house in Bursa

Bursa Municipality employees went to an apartment following an appeal by a landlord to the court. The landlord claimed that their tenant Kamuran A. had not paid rent for a year. 

Law enforcement officials broke into the apartment with a court order but were shocked to find no one but a nine-year-old child in a locked room inside the apartment, according to a report by Hurriyet Daily News.

His nails and hair had grown long. He even urinated and defecated inside the room

The child was identified as C.M.A. The Police said that the tenant, Kamuran A. was the aunt of the child. She accused her sister, the mother of the child, Yasemin, of refusing to take care of her child and leaving him.

Yasemin A, who lives in the southern city of Antalya, said that her sister is mentally ill. “I divorced and moved to Antalya to find work. My mother took care of my son until she died 3 years ago. Then my sister took care of him,” Yasemin A. said. “She hid my son from me. I could not go to Bursa for two years because of the pandemic,” she added.

The boy was flown to Antalya and reunited with his mother, who had filed for a missing person report about her son.

Kamuran A. and her 15-year-old daughter were detained on the orders of the Office of the Chief Prosecutor of Bursa. the aunt was later charged with "child torture" and arrested.

The nine-year-old child was admitted to the Hospital of Akdeniz University located in Antalya. The University’s rector, Professor Ozlenen Ozkan gave an update on the child's medical condition.

In remarks that were broadcast live by the state-run news channel TRT, she said that the boy suffered from both physical and psychological trauma. The rector also said that he weighed only 17 kilograms, was 138 centimeters tall, and could be suffering from growth hormone deficiency.

Professor Ozkan said that all the organs of the child were functioning normally. She said that he would be put on a low-calory diet to begin with, and they would increase the calories in time to prevent any possible adverse effects of malnutrition. She also called for those responsible for doing this to be punished severely.