Lodos wind and downpour wreak havoc in Istanbul

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Istanbul reels under intense weather as downburst accompanies Lodos wind, toppling trees and causing floods.

The city of Istanbul was hit by a severe Lodos wind today, which intensified this afternoon, causing widespread damage. The strong directional wind and heavy rainfall resulted in fallen trees and flooding in various districts, disrupting the daily life of residents.

A 'downburst' was also reported, adding to the city's weather woes. This meteorological event has raised concerns among the public due to its intense nature and the damage it can cause.

A downburst is a strong downdraft resulting in an outward burst of damaging winds on or near the ground. It is similar to the precipitation from a 'supercell' thunderstorm. Still, it is characterized by winds descending rapidly from a storm cloud, colliding with the ground, and spreading outwards at high speeds.

Experts have linked the occurrence of downbursts to sudden weather changes influenced by global warming and resultant climate change. As warm air masses meet cold ones, the contrasting temperatures can lead to the development of downbursts.

A downburst begins when a warm air mass collides with a colder one. The cold air causes the warm air to descend towards the ground rapidly. Upon reaching the surface, the air has no place to go but outwards, creating gusty winds. These severe weather bursts are often accompanied by heavy rain, hail, lightning, and thunder.

Downbursts are frequently confused with hurricanes and tornadoes, which are rare in Turkey. Unlike typical thunderstorms, downbursts are characterized by powerful, powerful winds directed downward and outward.