Long queues form at polling stations in Germany

Long queues form at polling stations in Germany
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According to data given by Supreme Election Board, 241,874 votes were cast in the first day of voting abroad for the second round of presidential elections in Turkey

Germany, home to a significant Turkish population, experienced a surge in voter turnout as Turkish citizens residing in the country began casting their votes for the second round of the presidential elections in Turkey.

Long queues formed at polling stations in Cologne and Frankfurt, as eager voters waited to exercise their democratic rights.

Germany is the country with the highest number of voters abroad, with approximately 1.5 million voters.

In the early hours of the morning, citizens waiting for the ballot boxes to be opened at the Consulate General of Cologne in Germany formed long queues to cast their votes in 24 polling stations.

At the front of the Frankfurt Consulate General, a voter queue stretching for two kilometers drew attention. Waiting times exceeded three hours.

This high level of interest on the first day of voting is believed to be driven by the concerted efforts of various mosques, religious orders, and organizations from the ruling AKP (Justice and Development Party,) which have organized transportation services to ensure widespread participation.

Turks in Germany will be able to cast their votes between 08:00 and 22:00 until May 24, the day of the election.

According to information obtained from the Supreme Election Board (YSK), as of 16:00, a total of 241,874 votes were cast, with 229,916 of them at overseas representations and 11,958 at customs gates.