Main opposition leader calls for amnesty, says it must exclude "terror" offenses

Main opposition leader calls for amnesty, says it must exclude "terror" offenses
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Kilicdaroglu has called on the political administration to work on an amnesty that will include only "victims of fate."

Turkey's main opposition leader said on Friday that they are ready to sit with the political administration to draw up a plan for the declaration of an amnesty in Turkey.

Kemal Kilicdaroglu, the leader of the Republican People's Party, stated however that "terror" offenses alongside offenses like rape and sexual abuse are to be excluded from the amnesty.

Kilicdaroglu said:

"We are ready to sit with the administration and talk on a delicately-prepared draft. We are aware that they are not able to do it on their own, so we can solve it together. I must note, however, that the amnesty is to include only certain offenses; cases related to terror, sexual abuse, rape and similar offenses will be excluded. The amnesty will cover only the victims of fate."

He added that "the barons" were also to be excluded from a possible amnesty.

"Terror-related" cases in Turkey

The remarks about excluding "terror-related" cases in a possible amnesty came from Kilicdaroglu as Ankara has been strongly criticized by the European Commission over the targeting of politicians through "terror" charges.

In the 2021 report, the European Commission said that "hundreds of local politicians and elected office holders were arrested on terrorism-related charges."

It also stressed:

"Legislation and its implementation, especially national security and anti-terrorism provisions, continued to contravene the European Convention on Human Rights and other international standards and to diverge from ECtHR case law."