Nationalist opposition leans toward accepting Kilicdaroglu as candidate

Nationalist opposition leans toward accepting Kilicdaroglu as candidate
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The Good Party is on the verge of accepting the joint candidacy of CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu, according to reports

The nationalist Good Party after months of resistance will come to accept CHP (Republican People’s Party) Chair Kemal Kilicadroglu as the opposition’s joint candidate against President Tayyip Erdoganin the upcoming presidential elections, Seda Taskin from Arti Gercek reported.

Nation Alliance (Table of Six) leaders will meet on March 2 to determine the alliance's presidential candidate. According to sources, the Good Party's objections to Kilicdaroglu have fizzled out because it could not propose a candidate on whom agreement could be reached.

The leaders are expected to announce the candidate in a special ceremony on the same day or a few days after the March 2 meeting.

The Table of Six has another important agenda: clarifying the road map for the transition to a parliamentary system. The leaders will discuss whether or not their presidents will be vice presidents when the alliance takes power after the elections.

Another issue that will be on the agenda at the table is the way in which parliamentary elections should be conducted. The parties have completed their own work on this issue. Various scenarios are also on the agenda, such as each party contesting the elections under its own name in 41 provinces and with one or two lists in the other provinces.

A commission in the alliance is working on these scenarios, trying to find the formula that will win the most deputies. The leaders will evaluate the disagreements on participation in the elections, but the decision on participation in the elections will not be made at this meeting, but will be discussed at the next one.