Good Party official: No consensus on candidate yet

Good Party official: No consensus on candidate yet
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"I don't think they've reached a consensus on the [candidate's] name," Good Party's parliamentary deputy chair has said in a live broadcast after the opposition bloc's declaration.

A senior official of the opposition Good Party said Thursday evening, after a crucial declaration by the leaders of six opposition parties, that he did not think a consensus on the presidential candidate has yet been reached by the leaders.

The short declaration reads:

"As the chairs of the parties in the Nation Alliance we have come to a mutual understanding on our candidate in the coming presidential elections and on the transition road map. We will convene again, after the chairs informed their parties' executive councils, at the headquarters of the Felicity Party on 6 March to share our final declaration with the public."

Erhan Usta, the parliamentary deputy chair of the nationalist opposition Good Party, told mainstream Haberturk during a live broadcast a couple of hours later:

"I don't think they've reached a consensus on the [candidate's] name. If that was the case, they would state very clearly that they have reached a consensus on the name and that it was to be announced on 6 March."

"A pool of possible candidates' names may have been compiled," he added.

Declaration not posted by Good Party

While the declaration was immediately posted on Twitter by the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP), it has not yet been posted by the Good Party as of late Thursday.

Good Party deputy chair Umit Dikbayir, tweeted after the declaration, "The Nation is greater than 5," apparently referring to five of the six parties that signed the declaration, then deleted the tweet.

Today's meeting was attended by the leaders of the parties in the bloc, which is also known as the Table of Six: CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu, Good Party leader Meral Aksener, Felicity Party leader Temel Karamollagolu, and the leaders of center right Democracy and Progress Party (DEVA), Future Party and Democrat Party (DP).

Kilicdaroglu has been giving clear signals for some time that he may run for president in case other leaders reach an agreement to nominate him as the presidential candidate of the bloc.