One Turkish soldier killed near Syrian border

One Turkish soldier killed near Syrian border
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As Turkey intensifies artillery strikes across the border to Kobane and its countryside, harassment fire from the Syrian side killed one Turkish soldier and injured four others.

One Turkish soldier killed and four others wounded by harassment fire across the Syrian border, Turkish state media reported

The harassment fire attacked the Cicekalan Border Post in the Birecik district of Sanliurfa province, Anatolian Agency said, citing Salih Ayhan, governor of Sanliurfa.

The governor said in a statement that the attack was carried out at around 09:20.

Earlier, Rojava Information Center reported that The Turkish army began shelling the city of Kobane and the villages that surrounded the city, citing local sources. 

A shell destroyed a vehicle in the city center and casualties were reported, it said.

"Dozens" of shells have targeted the villages on the Syrian-Turkish border, Jirnik and Xerze villages in Amude's countryside, and Chetel, Qermane, Melek, and Delil villages in Darbasiyah's countryside, causing damage to civilian houses, RIC said.