Police disperse protestors in Istanbul’s Kadikoy

Police disperse protestors in Istanbul’s Kadikoy
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At least 77 members of the Left Party, who protested the government’s inefficiency after the earthquake were detained in Kadikoy district of Istanbul

Police dispersed a crowd in Istanbul's Kadikoy district Wednesday protesting the government's inadequate relief efforts following the massive Feb. 7 earthquakes in Turkey that killed more than 45,000 people.

At least 77 members of the Left Party were taken into custody after chanting "The government must resign," a slogan originating from football fans of Fenerbahce and Besiktas, the city's biggest clubs.

The police stated that the district governor had banned the meeting, but the Left Party continued it, stating that it had a legitimate right to assemble.

Videos on social media showed onlookers clapping in solidarity as police rounded up protesters.

Then the police arrested the protestors one by one and took them into the police bus.

“As the revolutionaries of this country, we are on the streets until you quit, until we ask for an account of every soul we lost!” said the Twitter account of the Left Party.