Poll: Fatwa about market prices being God's will not taken seriously

Poll: Fatwa about market prices being God's will not taken seriously
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22.5% of AKP voters have said they take the fatwa seriously, while an overall 85% have said they do not

According to a recent poll in Turkey, a vast majority of participants do not take seriously a controversial statement by the Presidency of Religious Affairs citing a hadith that "the prices in the market is determined by God."

Upon a question whether there should be a limitation on rates of profit in trade, the statement, or the fatwa, said that there is no limitation according to Islamic rules, and that the rates depend on market conditions. Yet it also added that the Messenger of God said, "The prices are determined by God."

A poll was conducted in August on 1,717 people in 28 provinces of Turkey by Metropoll, who asked the participants:

"Do you take seriously the view of the Presidency of Religious Affairs that "the prices in the market is determined by God?"

While 10.1% said they do take it seriously, 85% said they do not. 4.9% of the participants preferred not to reply, or said they do not have an idea about it.

Among the participants who voted for the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in the last elections, 22.5% said they take the view seriously. 15% of the voters of the far right Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), part of the ruling coalition, also said it is a view to be taken seriously.

Burhan Isliyen, the deputy president of Religious Affairs, said on TV in mid August that the fatwa was separated from the context.

Isliyen said that the fatwa had been issued in 2017, based on a text written in 2012, which refers to a 1400-year-old hadith, and he criticized the media outlets for bringing it to attention in the summer of 2022 without providing information about the context.

The annual inflation in Turkey hit over 80% in August, according to controversial official figures, and is estimated by independent research groups to be much higher.