Pro-Kurdish HDP starts mechanisms to determine a presidential candidate

Pro-Kurdish HDP starts mechanisms to determine a presidential candidate
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HDP Co-Chair Mithat Sincar said the party will determine its candidate in an open and transparent manner

The Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) started to operate mechanisms for determining a candidate in next year’s presidential elections in  Turkey in an open and transparent manner, HDP’s Co-Chair Mithat Sancar said on Tuesday while speaking to HDP deputies in the parliament. 

“Our party is at the center of the widening debate about the elections. We are the ones who strike a fear of losing to the ruling bloc. They are chilled to the marrow,” Sincar said. 

Sincar said ruling parties and opposition alike speculate incessantly about HDP’s attitude about the elections, instead of analyzing the principles already declared by the party in an official document on September 27. 

Sincar then went on to announce once more the criteria for a presidential candidate that HDP can support.

“First, the candidate should favor a strong democracy.  It is not enough to simply replace the presidential system with a parliamentary system. We want to consolidate it with local freedoms,” he said. 

He continued: 

“Another very important issue is the politicization of justice. We demand the annulment of all of the political lawsuits with all their consequences, which were the means of suppressing the people.”

“The candidate should opt for a democratic solution to the Kurdish question, should be ready to assume responsibility for this.”  

“He/she should  follow a peaceful path in foreign policy, that is one of the indispensable qualities for a presidential candidate.”

“Freedom for women is indispensable” 

“He must defend social justice”

Co-Chair Mithat Sincar concluded that based on these criteria, the party administration will accelerate the mechanisms to nominate a candidate for the elections.