Prominent figures rally Turkish people to vote and “end darkness”

Prominent figures rally Turkish people to vote and “end darkness”
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In a unified effort, a diverse group of politicians, intellectuals, writers, and activists in Turkey called upon the Turkish people to cast their votes “to put an end to the prevailing darkness.

Politicians, intellectuals, and writers in Turkey joined forces on Wednesday and urged people to vote in the second round of presidential elections “to put an end to the prevailing darkness in the country.”

In a press conference held at the Taksim Hill Hotel in Istanbul, prominent figures including Ahmet Turk, Garo Paylan, and Murathan Mungan displayed a banner conveying the message, "Cast your vote and let this darkness end!"

Julide Kural, one of the artists present, emphasized that the upcoming elections would not only determine the next president but also shape the future and direction of the nation. "We are going to the polls with the determination to multiply and win. We will not allow a single leader to dictate our path. Just as we have succeeded in the past, we will triumph again," she declared.

Melek Taylan, an independent documentary maker expressed her hope for a brighter future, acknowledging the challenges the country faces due to what she referred to as a "20-year-long government wreckage." She maintained that even if the current president, Tayyip Erdogan, were to win the upcoming elections, his victory would not truly resolve the issues at hand, leading to the necessity of future elections. "There is no other solution," she asserted.

The press conference also addressed the concerns of various marginalized communities. İbrahim Karakaya drew attention to the difficulties faced by Alevi candidates in the presidential race and highlighted the need for equal citizenship. He criticized the current regime, stating that it perpetuates a system that undermines pluralism and perpetuates Alevi assimilation.

Nurten Ertugrul, a politican from the Green Left Party, stressed the significance of inclusivity and the need to reject dangerous discourses, asserting, "We believe that everyone deserves the best."

Levent Tuzel, one of the founders of the Labour Party (EMEP) acknowledged the first round of the elections was conducted under uneven circumstances, and expressed surprise that President Erdogan with his one-man rule did not emerge victorious. He insisted that the desire for change is now more apparent than ever and that the struggle must continue until the will of the people prevails.

Nurcan Baysal, a Kurdish journalist rallied against hopelessness, urging people to vote for the marginalized and oppressed, as well as for the environment and the future of the country. "Vote so that our future hope continues. Let's cast our votes so that this man truly ends," she passionately declared.