Revitalizing Arti TV, Arti Gercek and GercekNews

Revitalizing Arti TV, Arti Gercek and GercekNews
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They say that the the only constant is change itself, and this rule naturally applies to the publishing and broadcasting world as well.

Arti Gercek, which started publishing on February 8, 2017, and Arti TV, which started broadcasting on March 18, 2017, have been preparing for a new period for some time. As part of the preparations for the revitalization process that began with the handover of the management to Ali Duran Topuz, the two media organizations are being revitalized in many ways, including their logos.

The website will soon have a new logo, a new page layout and new editorial staff. Likewise, the TV channel will soon feature a new logo, a new screen layout, new programs, new faces and a new editorial team.

The changes also apply to GercekNews; the English-language website with Alin Ozinian as editor-in-chief will also meet its readers with a new appearance.

The organization began its activities with the slogan "More than you know," and by stating that it views democracy and peace as common denominators, along with a categorical rejection of racism and discrimination. This determination and commitment will continue. Stay tuned.

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