Riot in earthquake-hit prison: Three killed

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Three inmates were killed by soldiers in clashes at Hatay prison after they tried to escape, the Justice Ministry said

Inmates of the earthquake-stricken Hatay Prison, who were denied transfer to a safer location and information about their families, rioted on Tuesday, setting the building on fire and attempting to flee.

After hours of clashes between the prisoners and the guards, the uprising was put down by the soldiers, killing three prisoners and injuring 12, according to the Ministry of Justice.

A plume of smoke rose from the prison bulding and gunshots were heard, witnesses said.

Around 250 prisoners were pushed back just before they could escape, Mezopotamya News Agency said.

In a video circulating on social media, many soldiers are seen in the prison courtyard with prisoners lying facing down.

Inmates in the prison began to be transferred to prisons in the surrounding provinces after the riot, as the building became unusable.