Russian women's rights activist found dead in Turkey

Russian women's rights activist found dead in Turkey
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The mysterious death of Anastasia Yemelyanova raises questions.

As reported by Al-Monitor, the tragic demise of Anastasia Yemelyanova, a noted Russian women's rights activist, has sent shockwaves through the international activist community. Yemelyanova, living in exile in Turkey because of her stance against Russia's involvement in Ukraine, was found dead under mysterious circumstances in Erzurum province on Sunday.

Anastasia, known for her enlightening sessions on the YouTube channel Feminists Explain, went missing on September 20. Her disappearance and subsequent tragic end came to light through a series of heart-wrenching social media posts by her close friend, Anastasia Polozkova. Turkish police allegedly rebuffed attempts to report Yemelyanova as missing, a claim yet to be verified and addressed by the authorities.

By Sunday, the grim revelation of Yemelyanova's death was disclosed. Reports from the Russian-language feminist publication Wonderzine further darkened the narrative, showing that the activist was stabbed to death. Circumstances surrounding her death are shrouded in mystery, but the involvement of her fiancé, Nizar, a student pursuing an engineering degree in Erzurum, is alleged. He is currently in custody, intensifying the aura of enigma enveloping this tragic incident.

Anastasia's departure from Russia to Istanbul was precipitated by her bold activism against Russia's aggressive stance on Ukraine. Instagram user Daria_apakhonchich, a fellow activist, recalled their collective joy when Yemelyanova found love and moved to Erzurum. These past recollections now starkly contrast with the current tragic and mystifying events.

Turkish authorities and Erzurum police, when reached by Al-Monitor, have not yet commented on the incident. The silence augments the unsettling narrative, raising critical questions about the safety and security of activists seeking refuge in foreign lands.

*Photo source: Al-Monitor