Senior AKP official receives threats for refusing to repeal law on violence against women

Senior AKP official receives threats for refusing to repeal law on violence against women
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AKP Group Deputy Chair Ozlem Zengin said she has received threats after opposing a demand by the Islamist New Welfare Party to repeal or modify a law on protecting women from domestic violence

AKP Deputy Group Chair Ozlem Zengin has revealed that she has received threats for opposing the New Welfare Party's call for the abolition of the 6284 Law on the Protection of the Family and Prevention of Violence Against Women.

In a television interview with the pro-government channel A Haber, Zengin said she was "tired and exhausted by the loneliness" that comes with resisting New Welfare's demands to abolish or change the law.

The controversy was sparked by the New Welfare's demand for the abolition of Law 6284 as a condition for joining the People's Alliance, which Zengin rejected, saying, "This issue is our red line."

Family Minister Derya Yanik also opposed the new welfare law on Twitter, saying, "Since its enactment, we have made meticulous arrangements to improve its implementation. The existence of Law 6284 is extremely important with its spirit and presence. Even discussing its existence is unacceptable to us."

However, Derya Yanik and Ozlem Zengin reportedly caused unease among opponents of Law 6284 within the AKP and its base.

"We're very lonely. No one wants to deal with this issue because you become a target. I'm tired. I'm also tired of being alone, and I'm sad when I evaluate the situation of our community. I wish we could discuss it in a more humane, civilized and Islamic environment," Zengin said in the interview.

She added:

"I don't want to talk about this issue much anymore. I became a target. Our minister makes a statement, our President's statements are there, but every time I say something about this, it turns into a very regular and planned attack. Not only that, but I also receive hundreds of threatening messages on my phone. I don't know if the public is aware of how serious this is. 6284 can certainly be discussed. The Istanbul Convention has been widely debated. My objection is to the method and procedure, but the public is not uncomfortable enough about it. Frankly, these attacks are making women very uncomfortable in Turkey.”