Six months on, arrested Kurdish journalists still wait to see an indictment

Six months on, arrested Kurdish journalists still wait to see an indictment
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Resul Temur, the lawyer of 16 Kurdish journalists who were jailed in June said the failure to produce an indictment showed that the prosecution did not have any evidence against them

16 Kurdish journalists that were put behind bars after being arrested in Turkey’s southeastern Diyarbakir in June are yet to see an indictment after six whole months, their lawyer said, adding that the lack of indictment indicated that the prosecution failed to find evidence against them.

Speaking to Arti Gercek’s Remzi Budancir, lawyer Resul Temur explained the lawyers’ frustration while waiting for the prosecutor's office to finish its proceedings and prepare the indictment.

During the investigation, prosecutors claimed the journalists formed the “Media Comittee” of the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) and they were spreading propaganda.

“When the journalists were taken into custody, [the police] made clear why they were detained. They were detained because of the TV programs they made. No matter how long they wait, [the prosecutors] can at most make a transcription of those TV programs. Beyond that, there's really nothing they can do," Temur said.

He added: “This situation should no longer be seen as intimidation, but as a direct silencing and punishment.”

After the journalists were jailed, Turkish Journalists Association (TGC) dedicated the Press Freedom Award to them, as part of a show of support to all journalists behind bars who are unable to practice their profession.