Six years on, “HDP is stronger than ever”

Six years on, “HDP is stronger than ever”
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On the sixth anniversary of the arrest of its co-chairs, the HDP said the act was a planned political coup and its final aim is the closure of the HDP

The will of the people was seized, democratic politics were destroyed through illegal operations, and the freedom of the people was targeted six years ago on this day, but the resistance never stopped, and those who resist will triumph,  said a statement by the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) Central Executive Board (MYK.)

November 4 marks the 6th anniversary of the arrests of Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) co-chairs, Figen Yüksekdag and Selahattin Demirtas, alongside other parliamentarians in 2016. 

“In these 6 years, it has been proven that November 4th was politically planned and implemented, aimed to liquidate our party and democratic politics, and the judiciary was used as an apparatus in the coup. The government and its partners planned step by step the stages of this perception operation that started with this coup and continued with the Kobanî Conspiracy Case. The judiciary clearly took instructions from the government and fulfilled its requirements,” the statement said. 

The final aim of this planned political coup is the closure case against our party, the statement read. 

It continued: 

“The government is trying to survive with coups, repression and attacks, but it has lost its social support and legitimacy, and has become more and more a criminal mechanism. Our party, on the other hand, continues on its way stronger and more determined than ever, with its uninterrupted resistance against the coup for 6 years. As a result of this process, our party, our people and the Turkish society will definitely win; The losers will be the putschists, their partners and supporters.”