Election campaign song voiced by Demirtas in prison

Election campaign song voiced by Demirtas in prison
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The campaign song, written, composed and voiced by imprisoned former HDP co-chair Demirtas, has been played for the first time in the rally of the opposition Labor and Freedom Alliance.

The election campaign song for the bloc of six parties including the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) came as a surprise at its debut during the bloc's first rally in Istanbul as it emerged that the song was voiced by imprisoned Kurdish politician Selahattin Demirtas, who also wrote the lyrics and composed it.

The song "We are the workers" was played for the first time at the rally of the Labor and Freedom Alliance in Istanbul's Kartal, attended by thousands of people. The song was apparently voiced in prison by Demirtas, but no information has yet been available on how it was actually recorded.

The video of the song begins with the images of Demirtas releasing a white dove during a past political event.

Demirtas is accompanied by the Tigris and Euphrates Chorus in the song. Azad Bedran and Deniz Kaya contributed to production.

The lyrics of the song read:

"We are the people, the workers / United we resemble a pomegranate / Now you'd better find a place to flee / For we are coming to assume power / We are the hope, the workers"

Demirtas earlier said on Friday:

"We'll have a present for you in the first meeting of the Labor and Freedom Alliance, hope you'll like it."

He added:

"I'll be waiting for you there, see you :)"

The six-party bloc includes five socialist parties and groups alongside HDP: The Labor Party (EMEP), Workers Party of Turkey (TIP), Pro-Labor Movement Party (EHP), Social Freedom Party (TOP) and Federation of Socialist Councils (SMF).