Soylu: Imamoglu implored me saying CHP administration disliked him

Soylu: Imamoglu implored me saying CHP administration disliked him
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“This person called me and asked for help, paying his respects,” Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said. Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu responded: “Pack up your clothes, take your jacket and go home.”

Turkey’s Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu and Istanbul Mayor Ekrem Imamoglu engaged in a battle of accusations on Wednesday as a spat between the two leaders concerning “terror-linked employees of the municipality” continued to grow.

Imamoglu during a press briefing on Wednesday morning accused Soylu of discriminating against the Istanbul municipality and its workers and trying to “serve a purpose” during investigations, dismissing the head of the investigators and bringing someone who was close to the ruling AKP (Justice and Development Party.)

“He (Soylu) claimed that '557 terrorists were working' in the municipality, without taking any legal action against those he claims to be terrorists. We said, 'Give us the names of these 557 terrorists and we will start a process against them’. The response we received was 'You are not our interlocutor',” Imamoglu said.

According to the mayor, Soylu later increased this number to 1688, proportional to the inflation in the country.

Imamoglu said he did not read a new 500 page report by the interior ministry which was handed to prosecutors in Istanbul.

If we find out that only me and my administrators are blamed in that report, not the previous administration, then we will destroy the dome of the sky on your head,” Imamoglu said.

After Imamoglu’s press briefing, It was Soylu who took the floor in the duel of words. He said Imamoglu was engaging in demagogy by attacking him for the reputation he lost in the CHP (Republican People’s Party)

“This person, Imamoglu, called me by paying his respects. He implored me, he said 'CHP administration does not like me, can you help me? He changes his tune when convenient, but then turns his back and reviles at me. This is double dealing,” Soylu said.

Imamoglu responded swiftly an heavily:

“I've never made a phone call to anyone, I won't (...) I have never seen a moment when bewilderment combined with such a lie, such a low level. (...) My advice to you is to pack up your clothes, take your jacket and go home. Do not tear yourself to pieces. Don't try to sit in that chair by putting yourself in the victimhood class so that your eyes are almost fogged in front of the screens over this misery.”